Saturday, January 3, 2009

... finding my inner voice ...

here I go again into another attempt at doing & keeping a blog... let's see how that goes...

I spend most of my day talking & dealing w/ppl... so when I get home, it is actually easier for me to just write than talk... as a matter of fact, I really don't even like been on the phone too much... haha I rather text! lol

a brief intro... I am a 38 yr old 'rican girl that makes a living as a social worker in the beautiful city of Orlando, Florida... I am divorced & have 1 son that is 6 yrs old, who is the love of my life... to him I am still 'the most beautiful mom in the Universe' - yes, he says it just like that and my heart just melts :)

this blog is just a place for me to vent, brainstorm & just try to find that little voice that we all have but mine seems to be buried deep deep down... wish me luck!

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