Saturday, April 26, 2014

Another Saturday night ...

Kiddo goes with his dad every other weekend.  This is his weekend with his dad.  So is my weekend kid-free.  But is not totally free.  My dad lives with us plus now we have the dog.  So it doesn't feel like a free-weekend unless I go out.  And here I am, another Saturday night, and I am home.  Again.

I never did get the knack of dating.  I didn't go out when I was a teenager.  I was "the responsible one".

And being "the responsible one" now means that I don't bring my child around someone that might not be there in the long run and/or someone that I don't want him to meet, period.  I may, will go out with them and stuff, but not around my kid.  Which means I technically only have two nights or so, per month, to do this.

And tonight is one of those nights, and I am home.  Again.

Being the responsible one feels so lonely sometimes.

Friday, April 25, 2014

... four months into 2014 ...

So it has been four months into this year, 2014 ... before I know it school will be over and my son will be done with 5th grade.  Where did the time go?  He is growing so fast in front of my eyes is not even funny.  And I intend to enjoy every little time that I get to spend with him.  He will go with his dad this weekend and I will, once again, try to figure out what to do with my time...

In December 2013 we got a dog - a lab/pit mix from Puerto Rico.  His name is Thor.  And it seems that he has been with us forever.  He is my dad's companion and he is a hit with the kids.  I have to admit, he is a hit with me too.  He is just too cute and funny and active.  Too active for me at times but hey ... it is what it is.  He is not really trained ... when people ask me I say that he is training us real well.  And they laugh, and so do I.

My dad still lives with us.  He makes sure to keep the grass and plants alive and I am grateful for that.  I am not usually the green thumb kind of gal.  But he likes that and it keeps him occupied.  We don't really talk much about mom but I think, I feel that he is not over her death.  I really wish that he would do something more than just stay at home, not because he needs the money but because it will open the door for him to interact with other people besides family and neighbors.

And me ... well I am trying to have a life while handling everything else ... next month is my birthday ... I turn 44 years old ... funny I don't feel a day over 26 ... lol

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My first 5k in 5 years

Last Thursday I completed my first 5k in five years.  I finished it in 58 minutes I think, let's round it up to one hour.  There were 18,000 registered.  It was a sea of people.  I went with some friends from work and I have to say, it was an experience.  The one person that I thought would not stick with me, ended up being the one that stuck with me until the very end.  During parts of it we ran and I honestly thought I was going to pass out.  But I didn't.  And we did run to the finish line.  

I am not there yet, but thank God I am not where I used to be!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

IOA Corporate 5K

Today I am participating in the IOA Corporate 5K here in Orlando.  I did a 5K five years ago in honor of my mom and I told myself that I would continue to do them and ... plop ... didn't do them again ...

So I have been carrying a bit of guilt on that department for a while ... and when we got the e-mail at work about this 5K I was like, why not?  At least now I am 30 lbs less than five years ago ... how bad can it be?

And my plan is to continue to sign up for 5K's and I think that will motivate me to continue walking on a daily basis as I participate in these events.


I know it's been a while since I wrote ... I guess I have been dealing with a lot lately ... but I am good ... I am here!