Monday, April 27, 2009

ahhh ha!!!!

so yeah... well guess what? after that 'red'... that I thought I would not have to address... joke was on me 'cause daddy'o didn't address it with the kiddo... forgot that he is the so-called 'fun parent'... anywho... had a talk with the kiddo and Friday he got 'yellow'... hey, that works for me! lol at least it wasn't another red... (let's see how today goes...)

over the weekend I took the kiddo - along with the parentals and my other kiddo, my nephew - to Lake Eola here in Orlando ... it was truly a beautiful day! I posted the pics in Facebook -- gotta remind myself to add the link to this post when I get home. It is something that we need to do more often, just pack the bike and head out. :) link! --->>

now this weekend coming up I got lots of stuff that need to be done @ home ... re-arranging my bedroom (again!), taking care of the lawn and clean clean clean! lol

fun, uh? lol

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