Saturday, September 12, 2009

the gift of eyesight

Today I was purging my room of old mail, receipts, magazines, old Avon brochures ... and I kid you not ... the very last piece of mail was something addressed to my dad, so naturally I gave it to him ... he was outside in the garage smoking ... when he came inside he said "my baby gave eyesight to someone" ... I stood frozen as I said "what?"... he said "someone can see thanks to my baby" ... I grabbed the card from his hand and I just stood there, reading it over and over ... and then the tears came ... I have not cried in so long!

It was a thank you card from the Lyons Institute in Tampa, FL saying thank you and letting my dad know that thanks to my mom being a donor, someone's eyesight got restored ... I am still in awe of it ... how life works ... had we opened that card a month ago when it arrived we probably would have not been ready to read it ... but now it wasn't that hard ...

To even think that someone else has her eyes ... is like ... am speechless ... I could very well in time cross paths with that person and not even know it ... wow

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