Friday, May 7, 2010

I want to learn about God

G is 7 yrs old and he has never been baptized - his dad is Pentecostal and I am Catholic and we had differences of opinion and so, it was never done ... however, lately it has been on my mind to get him baptized so I contacted a church nearby and well, came to find out that because he is already 7, he would have to go through the RCIA process - Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults. Yes, my son, in the eyes of the Catholic Church is an adult so all this can be and will be pretty much his choice ... I think that is pretty cool though ...

So the first step was meeting with someone at the church for what they call the phase of Inquiry in which basically he is interviewed as to whether he wants to do this and what does he think it is etc etc etc ... he got asked why did he wanted to go through the process and he said "I want to learn about God" ...

and so be it, he started RCIA last weekend - I went with him and thankfully there are a lot of other kids close to his age doing the same thing - and we started to go to Mass and I plan for it to be regularly ... guess what son, I want to learn about God with you.

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