Monday, January 10, 2011

Kids & Self-Image

Yesterday I was with the kiddo at his RCIA class in church.  There was one exercise that had to do with, if there was one thing they could change, what would it be.  The change could be within their family, school, themselves, etc.  My son said the only change he would do was for a vacation, that he wants to go to Disney World, of course.  But other kids, specifically girls said things that had to do with themselves and it just ... it bothered me.  It was three black/mixed girls and they wanted straight hair.  That at such young age, they are even thinking of stuff like that, bothers me.  It may not sound like a big deal to some of you I am sure.  But honestly, I think it is pretty sad.
Enjoy your childhood, embrace yourself, love yourself as you are ... those were some of things I wanted to tell them.  Too bad their mothers were not there to tell them that it is ok.

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