Sunday, February 21, 2016


again ... it's been a while ... I guess I should give up trying to be consistent with this blog thing ... for some reason I can't bring myself to just delete it so it's here ...

2016 marks a lot of different things but the most important one, for me, is that it marks 10 years since my divorce ... 7/18/2006... and I think is time ... it's time for a lot of things but the main one is that I need to get unstuck ... I feel stuck in my life ... I turn 46 this year too ... every year as I get older it brings me closer to the age that my mom had when she died ... and me still being overweight, on meds, etc ... scares me ... so here I am, again doing what worked for me a few years ago, Herbalife ... and no, I am not signing up or anything like that, it just worked for me in the past and I am giving it my all ... I am standing up for me in so many levels is not even funny ... I just feel like I am done with a lot of the non-sense out there

'til next time, me

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