Friday, May 22, 2009

the secret club

last night I had the most interesting conversation with my kid... it went something like this...

my kid: mami, did I tell you that I have a secret club?

me: a secret club?

my kid: yeah mami, a secret club

me: so what is a secret club?

my kid: a club that is secret and we talk about secret stuff mami, duh! (how dumb of me to even ask!, lol)

me: right... so where is this secret club?

my kid: at school of course, all my secret members are friends from school (and he proceeded to tell me all the names of the secret members - all five of them, lol)

me: so you guys hide somewhere or have like a secret place to talk?

my kid: no mami we just sit in a circle and you can only go in the circle if you know the secret handshake

me: a secret handshake? why?

my kid: mami, duh! everyone KNOWS that a secret club has a secret handshake that only the secret members know! (at this time I was just covering my mouth to stop me from cracking up 'cause he was SERIOUS when he told me that long @ss line! LOL)

me: so can you show me the secret handshake?

my kid: (big sigh!, LOL!, and he goes) ok ok mami, I will but you can't tell NOBODY, OK?!

he then showed me and I am just telling you all this to tell you that... I can't show it to you! ok? lol

ps. this was just too cute NOT to share .... shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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