Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Families First!

About two weeks ago I got a flyer from my son's school that read "Families First!" ... "Raising Responsible Children" ... wow, I mean, who DOESN'T want to raise their kids to be responsible?! So I called and signed up. Is a series of three meetings and a few nights ago was the first one.
W.O.W. ... not because I learned anything NEW but because I saw how everything that I have been reading lately in an effort to better myself, take care of myself, etc is all CONNECTED ... it was a very big "AHA!" moment for me.
One of the first things that was discussed was listening skills. Everyone hears, but not everyone listens. The instructor stated how important it is to have eye contact, to focus on what is being said and how we need to let the other person say ALL they are saying without being interrupted. How many times, while you are talking to someone, they are not even halfway done and you already have an answer on the tip of your tongue? I do it all the time! LOL So yeah, that is one of those things that I have to work on.
Then we moved on to acceptance. "Acceptance is the key to life" <<--- this phrase, according to the instructor, is what the AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) is based on. Life happens and you have to deal with what it throws your way. Period. You don't have to like it, you don't have to be in aggreement with it but in order for you to deal with it, you have to accept it. If what comes your way is something you don't like, is ok, but it doesn't give you the right to mistreat those around you or be mean to them. Comes to mind a phrase that my ex taught me well ... it is what it is.
We then moved to what the instructor called the "Laws of the Universe." And they are as follows:
1. Children learn what they are given to learn.
2. You are the role model at ALL times.
3. Children learn from you to view life as something positive or something negative.
4. You must be NOW what you want your child to become.
The line that struck me the most was that "you need to be NOW the person you want your child to become." Not later, not in a few years ... NOW! Soooo... that means I have some work to do .... on myself. Pronto.
I think this is enough information for one entry - on my next blog I will discuss the five assignments that were given to us and how I am doing with them. Feel free to comment below, thanks!

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