Tuesday, December 29, 2009


2009 can not end fast enough ... seriously!  This has been a year filled with change and challenges ... from getting a promotion at work which equals more responsibilities to dealing with death when my mom passed away in June ... to changes at home when I brought my dad to live with us ... to then dealing with almost losing him in a car accident in October ... to then juggle work, raising my son, taking care of my dad, dealing with family issues, work issues, even ex's issues ... am just ready for this year to be over, finito, done, period.
That last day of the year though is my favorite one and do you want to know why?  It is my son's birthday.  He turns 7 years old this year ... seven!  Where did the time go?  Poof!  Just like that ... those seven years just flew by ...
Wonder what 2010 has in store for me ....

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