Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So.... we are on Spring Break this week and momma decided to get G a dsiXL ... I know, I like to spoil my kid, so what?  Is not like he throws stones to the neighbor's windows or steps on a cat's tail just to inflict pain.  I have a good kid.  I do.
His face when I gave it to him ... priceless!  Then he got an old ds that one of my friend's had given him after he lost his dsi last month ... and he set it up so we could chat, lol.  I think it is called "picto-chat" or something like that.
And he sends me these cute messages that just melt my heart!  ♥♥♥ This one particular message he has said before, but being that I love reading, seeing it written down, it just made me smile ... it said "if you were a rose, I would pick you!"
I love that boy!

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