Sunday, April 25, 2010

random updates

So here is a list of random updates since the last time I wrote ...

* yes!, I did get my own job so I am officially NOT acting anymore ... no, I didn't get more money ... but I have been doing the job for more than 4 years now so is just about time
* yes, I did get my house back but with pops having no transportation until like a week ago, it was a bit hard even thinking that I could go more than a week without having to haul ass over to where he is and helping him out
* kiddo got honor roll at school so momma is super proud!
* kiddo also lost another tooth and has 2 more that are loose so the tooth fairy might be busy within the next month or so
* my thumb is getting a bit greener - that was usually my parents or my sister's touch, I was the one to kill plants ... but am getting better and in a way, it makes me feel connected to ma'
* yesterday was 9 months since ma' passed away ... it seems so long ago
* for whatever reason, I feel very disconnected from a lot of people - it doesn't happen online, it happens in real life
* I decided to cut ties with a person that I felt very attached to emotionally speaking ... I think it is affecting more than what I expected it to and I don't know what to do
* at the same time, I am getting closer to someone that I know is not good for me and I don't know how to stop it since it doesn't seem that there is anyone else better than him on sight ... sad, uh?

I think that is about it ... bared my soul much?

... 'til the next time ...

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