Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

... any reason for a family to get together is a good reason ...

So it's Thanksgiving and we are doing it at my house.  This year, for whatever reason, it just didn't get planned in advance like in the past.  And last night, my dad almost had a fit about it.  And I told him that the holidays shouldn't be a source of tension and stress.  Ever since mom passed, holidays just doesn't feel the same, and I know he misses her and I think he is still not over her passing and whether he wants to admit it or not, he takes it out on us.  And mostly on my kid and me, since he lives with us.  But I digress.  So my sister was home last night when this conversation happened with him so she suggested for us to just decide there what we were going to do and if we needed to get something, just get it, so we did.

And we were in Publix, with no rhyme or reason, jumping from one aisle to another when all of a sudden, I see this woman and she is staring at me.  And then we both smiled, big, wide smiles!  It was Zenaida.  When I first started working with the County, I started working with the Head Start program and she was one of my favorite Head Start parents.  I know you shouldn't mix work with your personal life but sometimes, it just happens.  And from being my clients they turned into very good friends.  "They" of course because there is no Zenaida without Ruben, and of course he was there too and it just made me so happy to see them both!  We exchanged numbers and Facebook information and we promised to seek each other out.  And by the end of the night, I was assured in my heart, once again, that there are no coincidences.  Oh and by the way, that Head Start baby, her son, is 24 yrs old now and getting married next month.

Fast forward to today ... my sister cooked, so did my dad and don't worry about me, I am in charge of cleaning up (there are still some stuff waiting for me in the kitchen as I type this, shhhhh.)  And now we are just together, watching TV.  The kids are restless because we have them watching a movie.  And the dog is on my lap, all 52 lbs of him ...yeah, Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

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