Saturday, April 26, 2014

Another Saturday night ...

Kiddo goes with his dad every other weekend.  This is his weekend with his dad.  So is my weekend kid-free.  But is not totally free.  My dad lives with us plus now we have the dog.  So it doesn't feel like a free-weekend unless I go out.  And here I am, another Saturday night, and I am home.  Again.

I never did get the knack of dating.  I didn't go out when I was a teenager.  I was "the responsible one".

And being "the responsible one" now means that I don't bring my child around someone that might not be there in the long run and/or someone that I don't want him to meet, period.  I may, will go out with them and stuff, but not around my kid.  Which means I technically only have two nights or so, per month, to do this.

And tonight is one of those nights, and I am home.  Again.

Being the responsible one feels so lonely sometimes.

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