Monday, July 27, 2009

my sister's birthday

Today is my sister's birthday ... I took the day off to spend it with her, to do whatever she wanted to do, however the main thing we planned to do was head out to the beach (Cocoa Beach), take some flowers and a balloon so we could do our own private goodbye to our mom ... as I type this my dad is in PR and tomorrow afternoon he will spread mom's ashes at Buye Beach in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico... so we wanted to do our own thing since we are not in PR and cannot be with our dad at that time.

We got pink carnations and a balloon that read "Welcome Home" ... drove around until we found free parking pretty close to the beach. By the time we parked it was close to noon and in one word it was HAWT! lol We walked around until we found a spot that was pretty much isolated from the people that were there. We stared at the waves coming and going and before I knew it, I heard my sister talk to my mom ... and the tears started... we cried as we both said our goodbyes and prayers... then we let the balloon go and just held each other as we cried... she was really close to her and I know this is pretty hard on her. She then gave me some carnations and I walked further in the water, couldn't stop myself from crying and all of a sudden, bam! a wave threw me backwards and my sis and I just started laughing! We both said that was mom telling us "ha! I gotcha!" As hard as we cried before we just laughed then ... it just felt right to be there with my sister and doing what we did ... she will never be forgotten...

The rest of the day was spent between going to Ron Jon's, picking up my son and going to Denny's for some grub... sis said it was a great day for her... mission accomplished!

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