Friday, March 25, 2011

Face in the Sky

Yesterday was the 24th of the month.  My mom passed away on a 24th. 
Yesterday I had someone come and visit me in my office.  It's one of my employees.  Her son passed away not long after my mom.  He was in his 30's.  You are expected to bury your parents.  Is not natural to bury your son. 
Back to her visit ... she wanted to show me some pictures.  It was pictures of the day her son remains (he was cremated, like my mom) were thrown out at sea.  His favorite beach, somewhere here in Florida.  She explained that after the ceremony they did, as she was walking back, she was looking at the sky.  And then she noticed it.  She told me she called her daughter to get pictures of the sky.
She showed me some pictures first.  In it distinctively you can see three colors - red, blue, green - against a cloud.  They looked a bit like a prism, kind of blending in with the blue from the sky and the whiteness of the clouds.
Then she showed me some other pictures, where her daughter zoomed in on the colors.  And then, I saw it too.
A face in the sky.
My hairs stood on end.  My visitor smiled at my reaction.  "You saw him too."  She said that seeing that on that day, re-assured her that her son was ok.  He was with angels.  And for me, seeing this angel on this picture on that day, a 24th, re-assured me that, mom is ok too.

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