Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Random Updates

  • I went to seek counsel from a second attorney.  They gave me something that the first one didn't give me.  Hope.  So I hired them.  I feel at peace with this decision.
  • Work is crazy.  I think of my job as a well-oiled machine and sometimes we just have to put a little bit more oil on the joints.  It keeps me on my toes.
  • Kiddo is doing great in school.  His grades are all A's and he is at a 3rd grade reading level and he is still in 2nd grade.  Needless to say, momma proud.
  • I treated myself to a Kindle.  Me loves it.  Lots.  Reading is a part of mine that I missed.
  • Pops is home.  It's a work in progress this thing of all of us adjusting at being in each other spaces.  We'll be ok.
  • Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday.  It represents the beginning of the Lent Season and a very important step in kiddo's religious journey.  From here on out, it will be intense.  And by Easter he will be baptized, confirmed and he will celebrate his first communion.  Needless to say, momma is happy and anxious.

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