Friday, December 4, 2009


Today is a wet, soggy, gray, gloomy day here in Orlando.  One of those days that you just want to stay home, under the covers, watching tv and sipping hot chocolate.  I will try to do that tomorrow when I am off work ... in the meantime, I have soup here at work to comfort me.  These type of days one needs comfort food to get through the day.  In spite of the gloominess of the day, I woke up smiling, content ... I could even say happy.  Why?  ... 'cause I woke up hearing my dad humming ... and that is a good thing because to me, that is a sign that he is happy ... and for at least a month he had stopped doing it because of depression.
And he has more than enough reasons to be depressed but he has always pulled himself up.  He is my hero.  He gets on my nerves, oh boy does he get on my nerves ... but he is my hero.  He looks at me crazy the times I have said that to him but hey, at least he knows ... people should know how you feel about them when they are alive, not after.  More so when it is something good ... if it is bad, then that is just a topic for another blog.  Seriously.
So yeah, today I am grateful for waking up to that sound.  Happiness is contagious ... he probably has no idea how it affects me but it does.  I am the person that usually sees her glass half empty ... everyone else's glass is half full but not mines.  I am trying to change this about myself.  To that end I started a gratitude journal today and my first entry for today was that ... that I was grateful for my dad humming.  It made a difference on how my day started... for real.

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