Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blessing in Disguise

This past weekend, I spent the weekend with both my son and my nephew. It was cold here in Orlando so I didn't plan much - I am still taking meds for a sinus infection and Gian was on meds too. So anyway, at some point I decided to go out and check out a few stores, just to get out of the house.
We ended up at a big Dollar Tree store over here on Colonial Drive and then we stopped at Target. I usually put G in a cart and just push him around but with both of them? No buddy, you guys are walking... and just like in any other store, G brought his DSi with him. We got a few things, pay and when I get to the van I realize, G is not holding his DSi ... of course he doesn't remember a thing and I did my best to controle myself 'cause I was pissed, big time! We went back to the store and looked and looked to no avail. I left my info at customer service ... but I just knew it was gone. Am sure someone thanked their lucky stars that night.
The word 'mad' doesn't even begin to describe how I felt. Basically $400.00 in value was gone. His dad had gotten him a memory card that had more than 50 games in it - games average a price of $20.00 - $29.99, you do the math. And then I looked at what I just bought ... and realized that every treat that I got for him, I had to return it. So we did just that ... his jaw dropped. The only words coming out of his mouth was "but, but, but ...." I mean, to those moms out there ... would it be right to give him some treats after he lost that thing?
Once I got home ... my nerves took a hold of me. I cried. Not because he lost it, but because I almost lost it and for a second, I thought about hitting me. Not spank him, hit him. And I didn't recognize myself. I got really scared that I would really hit him. But I didn't do it. He saw me crying and came over to me ... he was really upset, I mean he slept with it. LOL So I calmed him down and then I asked him if he wanted to sit with me and we could think of ways for him to earn money so he can buy a new one for himself. He asked "can I do that?" I said "of course ... you can do anything that you are determined to" ... and in that moment I realized that losing this thing, may have been a blessing in disguise. We sat down, had a family meeting and came up with some rules and some chores for him to do so he could save money. I got a big can of NesQuik, cleaned it, covered it in stickers and that is his piggy bank now. Any change he sees on the floor he grabs it and saves it. And he asks to help around the house. Nice change from the me, me, me attitude.
I spoke to his dad and he said he will make sure he has another memory card and will be giving him some money too in exchange of helping around the house too. My dad is also giving him some change here and there. So let's see how long it takes ... what I really hope is that from this he learns the value of money, take better care of his things and realize that when he puts his mind to it, he can do anything.

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