Wednesday, February 3, 2010

umbrellas & memories

The other night I went to Wal Mart with G after school. It was raining. A lot. As we were walking into the store, he goes:
G: oh mami, I remembered something!
me: what did you remembered?
G: one time, when abuela was alive, I went for a walk with her. But it wasn't raining like now, it was sunny.
me: ahhhhhh yeah, if it is really sunny, is a good idea to walk with an umbrella and that way the sun won't feel so hot on you.
G: yeah yeah ... I think that is why she did it ....
(he then stayed quiet for a minute that seemed like forever and then he said...)
G: do you miss abuela mami? I miss her a lot.
me: yeah I do, I miss her a lot too ... but how do you feel when you remember something about her, like the walk with the umbrella?
G: happy, just the same way as when she was alive ...
me: well, when you remember stuff like that ... those are memories ... and as long as we keep abuela's memories by remembering ... we won't miss her that much ...
G: that sounds like a plan mami ... I love you ....
and then he hugged me ... this conversation took place only from the parking lot to get into the store ... but the memory of this converstation is still making my heart smile ...

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