Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This weekend was extremely interesting. It was Valentine's weekend. It was also the weekend my son lost his most prized possession. His Nintendo DSi.

We were at Target - we being him, my nephew D and yours truly. Normally I would put G in the cart but this time since I had both, I didn't. I just took a basket and walked around with the kids. And at some point, G must have seen something more interesting than his DSi and he put it down and I didn't notice and ... that is when the DSi was gone.

I will not go on as how his mother - moi - reacted to the whole thing. It will suffice to say that upset doesn't even begin to describe how his mother reacted ... but that is a story for another blog, not this one.

After we got home and we grieved the loss of such a fine member of our family, we sat down and had a family meeting. In it we discussed what could be done for him to get another one ... we came up with a list of chores in which he can earn $$$ so he can buy his own. Maybe then he will take better care of it.

So we now have a home made piggy bank and that is where he is putting all his money. How long do you think it will take for him to save enough money???

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