Friday, November 20, 2009

another way

I found another way in which I can blog ... via e-mail :)

Soooo this way as thoughts pop in my head during the day, I can still blog, cool uh? (yeah, am sure am super-late in figuring this out, whatever! lol)

Today my kid is going on a school field trip to Green Meadows Petting Farm - I took him a while ago, so yeah, daddy can go to this one - lol - so let's see how this goes ... note to self though ... next trip daddy is chaperoning (if that is not a word, I just made up a new word, lol), kid needs to stay at his house ... boy got up even before the alarm went off, @ 5:30am... ugh!

It made me a little sad when he said as I dropped him off at school ... "mami I wish both you and papa could go to the field trip with me, like a family" :(

My parents never divorced, so I don't know what growing up with divorced parents is like. My ex's parents divorced when he was 5 years old (G. was 3 yrs old when his dad and I separated) and I remember as we were going through our divorce, the talks we had, how affected he was. So I wonder if my kid is still being affected or not ... overall he seems to have adjusted well ... doesn't really remember anything from those days ... but when he says stuff like that ... I wonder ... has he really been affected or is it just wishful thinking on his part?

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