Sunday, November 15, 2009

some me time

This weekend I had some me time - G was with his dad ... Saturday it kinda sucked 'cause it entailed doing laundry (dryer died) ... in a laundromat ... for almost four, you read right, four friggin' hours! and when I got home ... had a brewskie feeling like pretty done and they I realized, damn, I left one load of sheets on a dryer, yikes! so yeah, driving buzzed to get those sheets from the dryer were my highlight from Saturday ...

Sunday was a different deal though ... I had said 'yes' to an invitation to a Wii Fit Plus Yoga Party hosted by an online friend here in Orlando ... I got lost getting there but I found the place :) felt a bit like a fish out of the water since I am not good at meeting new people, etc but I survived it ... I mean, I even had fun - can you believe that? lol

We first learned a bit about Yoga, something that has always interested me ... I was told I had good form, whatever that means! lol and then we played with a few of the new games available on the Wii Fit Plus, fun fun fun! ... and then, the best thing, something totally unexpected to me ... they actually gave each person that attended a Wii Fit Plus and also a Wii Fit Jacket, whooo hoooo!

Once I got home though, dunno if it was because I was still super tired from Saturday or just the combination of that plus that mimosa I had at the Wii Fit Plus Yoga Party but man, I had the best nap ... and of course due to that nap I am still up now @ 12:30am, lol

And um yeah, I did set up my Wii Fit Plus and even did a few things, more so after G got home and was like, "wow mami, you mean, they gave it to you and you had to pay no money?" - that just blew him away, hahaha, wait 'til he has to get a job and know how hard it is to earn money ... but anyway, what I liked the most is that it gives me an opportunity to do something with G, instead of me watching him play, we are doing something together ... and that is priceless ...

ps. thanks to Melanie aka modernmami ( / @modernmami on Tweeter) for inviting me to this great party today :)

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