Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I got my first journal - it was a Hello Kitty one - when I was 8 years old ... that is when I started writing. By the time I turned 19 which is when I moved to Florida from Puerto Rico, I had more than 10 journals. At some point, don't know why, I got paranoid and threw them away, in the trash ... um yeah, I did. I think it happened as I started surfing the net and I started dabbling with blogs and/or social sites - Yahoo360, Multiply, MySpace ... either way, I didn't start writing again in paper until I got pregnant in 2002. I started keeping a journal to and for my baby, my peanut as I used to call him. I still keep that journal but I don't write as often in it as I did when he was little. He turns 7 this year.

A lot has happened ... I feel a lot inside of me that I feel the need to write ... yet when I sit down to write, nothing comes out ... is like my muse just up and left ... but I still buy cute pens and notebooks in hopes that it will spark something ... of course what I probably need more than anything, is time to relax and let the words come out ...

What do you do when you have writer's block?

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