Monday, November 9, 2009

happy b'day mom

today marks 58 years that my mom was born - she passed away 4.5 months ago ... still seems so ... surreal ...

if she was here this is what we would have done ... call her in the morning to sing her happy b'day then harrass her on the phone all day - lol - then meet at her house after work and between my sis, my dad and I she would have flowers, balloons and her favorite Pepperidge Farm cake

instead my dad and I sang her happy birthday by ourselves and then decided that she was up in Heaven playing with all the pets we had since I was born almost 40 yrs ago - not counting all the family and friends that have left us before .... that made us feel a bit better .... but the lack of her presence still hurts...

how do you celebrate a loved one's b'day once they are gone?

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